Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Incentive for Referring a Qualified Roommate

In an effort to attract and retain qualified roommates, the owner of 251 Naples Avenue is offering an incentive for anyone who directly refers a qualified roommate, who signs a month-to-month rental lease agreement to rent a room at 251 Naples Avenue.

Here's how it works:

1. You send me an email to markbruemmer@ that contains the name, email address and telephone number of the person, other than yourself, you're referring to me. It would be best if you have the email address of the person you're referring as a cc: in your email to me.

I'm seeking either a Professional, a University Graduate Student or a Military Officer who is a non-smoker and respectful of property and considerate of others.

2. Depending upon room availability and after I've interviewed that person and we have a mutual match, then that person signs a month-to-month room rental lease agreement to occupy a room at 251 Naples Avenue.

3. You provide me the name and mailing address to which I send you a $100.00 check for each full month (or $25.00 for each full week) that person occupies the room at 251 Naples Avenue.

4. Referral fee payments for the prior month's lease are mailed to you shortly after the monthly room rental fees are collected from the tenant at the first of each month.

Please note that payments are for direct referrals only. For example, if you referred Tom to me and Tom signs a lease agreement, then you would receive the monthly referral fee. However, if you referred Jim to me who then refers Mary to me. If Mary signs a lease agreement, then Jim collects the monthly referral fee.

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