Thursday, May 8, 2008

Room(s) Available

The photo above is of the dining room and kitchen on the first floor common area.

All bedrooms are on the second floor.

These room(s) are available for month-to-month leases:
  • The Guest Room is available after Saturday May 8, 2021.
These room(s) are available for short-term stays via Airbnb.  Please note availability via the Airbnb calendar for each room:

To enable an orderly transition for those roommates on a month-to-month lease agreement, when one or more rooms become available, the roommate currently residing at 251 with the highest seniority, in terms of the highest cumulative duration of stay in their current lease agreement and any prior consecutive lease agreements, gets first choice as to which room they want to relocate into.  If he or she declines, then the roommate currently residing at 251 with the next highest seniority is offered the available room(s).  This continues until all roommates currently residing at 251 have been offered the available room(s).  Only then is the offer extended to a prospective roommate not currently residing at 251.  

To be notified of future room availability for month-to-month room leases at
251 Naples Avenue, Cayce, SC 29033
please subscribe to the 251 House Rules email list.

Click on this "Room(s) Available Elsewhere" link for other rental options in the area.

Thank you for your interest.

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