Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacating Your Room

You've had a nice stay at "251" and you've decided it's now time to move on.

When vacating your room, please make sure you have:

  • removed all of your personal items from the room and the house

  • cleaned the room thoroughly (ie: dusted and wiped down furniture, vacuumed carpet)

  • taken down any pictures or other items of yours on the walls

  • patched any holes in the walls

  • washed the sheets (you should have 2 full sets of sheets) and leave the folded sheets on the bed

  • accounted for all items that were in the room upon checking into your room (a checklist of items belonging to "251" in your room is provided)

  • had Mark, or his designee, inspect the room for any damages

  • collected your security deposit, provided no damages are assessed, or a portion thereof depending upon the damage assessment

  • informed the US Post Office of your change of address. You may do this online at
In the kitchen on pantry shelves or in the refrigerator if there are any food items you have that you do not want to take with you, then ask your roommates if they want them.  If you have no takers, then you must either remove these food items or throw them away.  

We hope you've enjoyed your stay at "251". Please remember us for future opportunities to accommodate you. You will be kept on the 251 House Rules Email List to inform you of future room(s) available.

Also, you may earn extra income by referring to Mark a qualified roommate who signs a rental lease agreement to rent a room at 251 Naples Avenue.

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